A Smart, Infrared Light and Heat
Dual-Therapy System

We believe the world should be Pain Free, and health professionals
and consumers should take advantage of highly effective user friendly products, backed by the latest advances in Science.
That is why we created TOCI Health.

TOCI delivers the most precise heat therapy

TOCI was designed to improve the medical standard of thermal therapy, which is applied in clinics and hospitals through wet compresses that are heated by a hydrocollator machine.

TOCI’s maximum temperature is limited to 45°C to avoid cellular damage. Therapy configurations, avoid burns due to overexposure to heat. The pad is made of high-quality, biocompatible silicone.

Our medical-grade silicone pad contains two layers of tightly encapsulated electronics that precisely heat to remain at the optimal temperature level throughout your therapy, ensuring a continuous flow of heat.

One controller can power up to 3 pads, which can be ergonomically positioned to cover large areas.


Toci includes a system of 36 IR LEDs. Near infrared light penetrates deeper into tissues. Many clinical studies show the effectiveness of near infrared light in the treatment of pain.


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Easy to Use

You can easily set up temperature and duration for your therapy. TOCI’s heating mechanism reaches set temperature quickly, avoiding the delay seen with far Infrared-only heating pads.

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TOCI Controller provides the energy to the PADs, and reads 10 times a second the temperature on two sensors located on each PAD. It also records every interactions of your device.

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The TOCI Controller is equipped with a two-cell lithium battery, providing sufficient energy for several therapy sessions before re-charging, enabling you to take TOCI anywhere.


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Medical grade silicone

Our applicator is a medical grade silicone PAD, that encapsulates all the elements needed, including the thermal sensors.

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Inside each PAD, is an electrical resistance board designed to provide a constant and well distributed heat, that ensures a precise thermal therapy.

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A flexible network of 36 LEDs distributed all over the PAD acts as a Near Infrared lamp, providing light therapy.

How TOCI works?

TOCI is a dual system of smart therapy, with a thermal system that operates in the optimal therapeutic window, and a near infrared light system.

HEAT and NEAR IR penetrates the skin to the muscle layers, inhibiting nociceptors, raising blood volume, promoting local metabolism and providing relief to the tissues, in addition to reducing pain.

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